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Important message for our holders

Today, everyone knows about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is a terrible act of terror against freedom that must be stopped and condemned. What you may not know is that our team are Ukrainians. Russian aggression directly touches our families, loved ones, close friends, and fellow citizens we admire and respect.

The first responder and the binding force that can stop the aggression and protect Ukraine is the Armed Forces of Ukraine. That's why we decided to donate all ETH from minting to the Ukrainian Army, volunteering, and charity organizations protecting Ukrainian independence from Russian invaders.

It doesn't mean that we cancel or give up our previous promises and plans. But now, undoubtedly, there's no task more important than contributing to stopping the biggest war in Europe since WW2.

Glory to Ukraine!
Слава Україні!


Welcome to the


Meeples Gang is a collection of 10,000 unique digital NFT collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain.

Your Meeples Gang NFT will act as an Access Card to exclusive benefits.

Hodlers will be entitled to perks such as future drops and fun community activities.

Traits &

Each Meeples Gang NFT is programmatically generated using over 1300 hand-drawn graphical assets that form 490 unique metadata traits that originate hundreds of thousands of unique combinations. The sophisticated algorithm carefully picks vibrant mixtures that shape the individual character of each Meeples Gang NFT. The result is represented as ERC-721 tokens hosted on IPFS.

Minting will be using fair distribution and no bonding curve at 0.06 ETH + Gas fees.

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